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Order statuses

On this page you can see what each order status means and when it is assigned to an order.

Main order statuses:

Created - the status is assigned to the order automatically after it is placed in the store.

Pending payment - the order has been checked by the store manager. We are waiting for payment for the order.

Paid - we received payment for the order and when the order is checked by the manager it will be confirmed.

Confirmed - we received payment for the order. The order is checked and confirmed by the manager. Expected delivery of the order on the specified date and time.

Completed - the order has been delivered to the Recipient.

Canceled - the order has been canceled and will not be delivered. This status is assigned to orders that have not been paid or if the Customer canceled the order.

Additional order statuses:

On verification - the status can be assigned:
а) automatically, if you paid for the order with a payment method with preliminary payment verification, through 2Checkout.com, etc.;
b) manually, by the manager of the company if an error occurred during the payment and we need to additionally check the payment.

Payment error - the status is assigned if an error occurred during the order payment. If an error occurs, funds may be debited from the Client's account. This status is manually changed by the operator of the company to "On verification", after which an additional verification of the payment is performed. If the funds are not debited from the Client's account, the status of the order changes to "Pending payment", and if debited, the order will be assigned the status "Confirmed".

Hold - order is suspended. The store manager cannot contact you to clarify the details of the order: we do not have your phone number or mail, you do not answer calls or letters, the specified number does not work. You need to contact us urgently.

Refunded - assigned to the order after the refund (if the Customer canceled the order or a refund is made).