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11 daisy chrysanthemums and teddy bearand 20-25 sm

1687 UAH

Bouquet of 7 orchids and 4 chrysanthemums

1330 UAH

Bouquet of 17 white and pink spray chrysanthemums

1681 UAH

Bouquet of 25 daisy chrysanthemums

2222 UAH

Bouquet of 19 daisy chrysanthemums

1653 UAH

Bouquet of 25 red and white carnations

1142 UAH

Bouquet of 7 daisy chrysanthemums

807 UAH

Bouquet of 25 multicolored gerberas

1607 UAH
For many years, a bouquet of flowers is a universal gift, which is suitable for any holiday. Certainly, there will not be a single holiday, no event without flowers. Bouquets are given to people and decorate by festive tables. Also, everyone is always happy to receive a bouquet of flowers as a gift, because they raise the mood and make the day much more pleasant. With the help of flowers you can express your feelings, love, gratitude, tender feelings to both your parents and your beloved girl. The bouquet will also be a pleasant surprise for a friend, for co-workers or your boss. Buy flowers recently became fashionable through an online store that works around the clock. Entering the site, you need to choose bouquets by the type of flowers. For sure, everyone will find exactly the bouquet that suits your forthcoming celebration or event. Our professional florists will make a bouquet without problems on your order, be it a wedding or a birthday. Our florists are also engaged in decorating wedding celebrations, corporate parties, anniversaries with exquisite bouquets and compositions. Our customers always have the option to choose a bouquet from the catalog. You can be sure that any bouquet will be made up of the freshest flowers and shipped in time, just in due time. All our flowers are stored in a specially equipped room, where the temperature allows you to keep them in the most ideal form. Our florists, making bouquets and compositions, try to put soul and heart into each bouquet - these bouquets look beautiful, each flower, each floral greenery and decor are connected among themselves not by chance, they together look like a whole work of art that will amaze everyone. Only correctly composed bouquet can cause the most real feelings and say many things even without words. Every florist is familiar with the language of colors, so you can have no doubt about the result. Before ordering, be sure to consider who will own this bouquet: a girl, a wife, a mother, a friend, a boss or work colleague. This is very important, because for men bouquets are made, do not look like women's, and for a beloved wife the bouquet will look different than for a friend. Our florists take into account all these nuances, the more they know about the person to whom the bouquet should belong, the more accurately and correctly the bouquet or composition will be made. For example, if you want to give flowers to a man, they should be with a long stem and a large flower. Especially if this man is a boss, then such flowers will emphasize his strong-willed character. But for a woman-chef it's better to choose bright flowers with round inflorescences. Just do not give her large and with long stems. But if you decide to please someone with a bouquet of flowers, then for sure you know the tastes of the birthday or the originator of the celebration. Try to buy flowers that will please a person who will bring joy and cheerful mood. How nice to make people happy!
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