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What gifts to give on March 8?

With the arrival of spring, everything around comes to life, a new round of the life cycle of nature begins, and this period accounts for the most magnificent holiday - Women's day on March 8. This is a special day when all the girls and charming women put on their best clothes, dress up in front of the mirror and go fluttering and smiling happily to meet the whole world. On this day, March 8, all women are surrounded by a halo of happiness, they say compliments and give beautiful bouquets.

The first days of spring inspire hope for change, the spleen recedes, the blood begins to move faster through the veins and there is a desire to create and surprise. In such a wonderful period and celebrated Women's day. Nature itself tells us that this is the time to make cute surprises to all the fairer sex, to buy flowers for them, to give gifts, to please and delight!

Men make preparations for March 8 with unusual diligence. After all, they know that the result of the whole festival and the next year as a whole depends on the gift that they will give and on the emotions that the ladies will receive! With all that, the question arises, haunting hundreds of thousands of men - what to give on March 8? It is so desirable that the gift was special, unusual, lovely, expressing the most positive emotions in relation to the fair sex. But for some reason, you realize with horror that you have no idea what it could be. It seems that everything that could be presented was presented, if not at the bouquet and candy stage, then already in a happy family life. But do not despair, in our tips, You can find the perfect gift for March 8 for your woman.

We select original gifts for March 8

To find a good gift for a woman you need to think outside the box. What will be the perfect gift for Your mother, not suitable for your beloved, and Vice versa. For example, a beautiful negligee from Victoria's secret will delight Your soul mate, but it is clearly not the perfect gift for March 8 for mom. That is, if You choose a gift for March 8, then you need to start this business with all seriousness. Gift choose only personally, based on the degree of acquaintance or relationship, her age, preferences, favorite activities and way of life.

There are basic requirements to a good gift on March 8:

  • originality;
  • advance packing;
  • excellent quality;
  • matching the tastes of women.

Yes,women love original things. Remember how she looked with delight at the strange shape and color of a salad bowl or a vase, as a cute smile, looking at the potholders with bears. The second important factor is the packaging of the gift, as You present it. Usually men do not know that for a woman is important not only the gift itself, but also its design. When You arrange it in bright wrapping paper with a bow, when handing you will see enthusiastic eyes, and with what pleasure the packing tape will be removed from the gift. Also an important criterion for a gift is good quality. After all, to buy some inexpensive thing can the girl herself, but on a quality, good-quality thing can be stingy, because it's for yourself, not for a gift. It is known that the majority of women for themselves buy second-rate, but if for someone choose a thing for a gift, then by all means only the best firm and the highest quality. And of course the gift should bring the owner positive emotions. After all, if You give a cookbook girl who does not like to cook, it is unlikely she will be happy, or worse, take it as a hint that You are dissatisfied with her cooked food. And if the gift is chosen based on the tastes of the recipient, then You have achieved the desired! A lover of flowers will be pleased to get a new variety of orchids in her collection, and the extremal will be delighted with the certificate for a parachute jump, a romantic girl will melt from flowers with a soft toy delivered to work by courier.

Romantic surprise – the perfect gift for March 8

To give an original gift, you need to Express a lot of imagination, think carefully about what your woman would like to get on March 8. In principle, the main thing in the gift on March 8 is not the thing itself, but the emotions that it will cause in the recipient. Although on March 8, even flowers and candy can please more than a standard gift, if you approach this with imagination. For example, you can begin to congratulate and with the 7th, because most women in this day works, which means that You have a chance to give her not only a pleasant surprise, but also the amazement of colleagues, which will only enhance the positive emotions of the gift. We present a picture: Your lady at work, around colleagues and clients, and here comes the courier with a bouquet of flowers, and asks her. All around calm down, looking at the recipient, the courier gives her flowers with a postcard and a soft toy, and here the fun begins. All women look at the bouquet with envy, groan and gasp, how beautiful and romantic it is, and make a remark that their man never thought of making such a beautiful gesture. The mood of Your chosen one becomes just fine, because she received such a beautiful unexpected gift and even more pleasant to her from the fact that all the employees saw how You love her, once made such a surprise. Believe me, it is very important for a woman, though sometimes feel better, loved and desired. Respectively, and her attitude towards You will become even better, because You can do for her for such actions! And it does not matter whether you are Dating or already married 10 years, such a gift will be appreciated by any of the women.

We offer several more options for a romantic gift on March 8:

  • A gift certificate to a SPA;
  • Massage session;
  • Photo session;
  • Riding lessons;
  • A trip to the sauna for two;
  • A subscription to a fitness club;
  • Weekend tour to Lviv or other ancient city;
  • Swimming with dolphins;
  • Balloon flight

What flowers to give on March 8?

Almost every man with absolute confidence will assure that he knows the correct answer to the question: "What to give to your beloved on March 8?". If you ask what it is, immediately get the answer "flowers". But with more careful communication, it turns out that few of the men know what kind of flowers should be presented to a girl or a woman and in what colors will look better spring bouquet.

Before you put in line for the red roses is a good think, and if Your favorite woman wants to get a gift of these flowers? Of course roses are a classic, and there is no point in arguing. On Valentine's Day or birthday bouquets of roses give preference to 90% of buyers. But we choose a bouquet for March 8. And since this is a spring holiday, the girl will be more pleasant to get not meter roses, and a pretty bouquet of spring flowers. If we can not decide on any one kind of flower, do not remember what flower called favorite, admiring its beauty, you can give a bouquet of mix, collected from different types of flowers. If you are sure that Your lady is crazy about orchids or lilies, then with full confidence you can buy such a bouquet. Although and in such a case are possible options. There are wonderful mix bouquets with orchids and chrysanthemums, lilies and gerberas. This is what your girl loves, and an original approach.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the age of the recipient should pay attention. So little girls and young girls will be more appropriate to give a small bouquet of spring flowers than a bulky basket of flowers. It is also best to avoid flowers such as carnations in this age category. They are best used for a bouquet for the elderly. Girls and women suitable for a gift and a nice bouquet of irises and tulips, and a huge basket of flowers. Grandmothers also better to give bouquets of tulips or small baskets of chrysanthemums and irises. But potted flowers will please only true gardeners. Do not forget about the color of the bouquet. So for floral arrangements on March 8 ideal bouquets in white, pink, yellow, bright colors.

Let's focus on another important factor - the presentation of flowers. No matter how luxurious and beautiful was not a bouquet or a basket of flowers, it is important for the ladies and how it will be handed. Do not be shaken, poke-poke not knowing what to give the first bouquet or gift. Remember, always in the first place handed flowers, and only then a gift. For women, it is also extremely important that You say when presenting a bouquet. It is clear that the unintelligible "On!" and a luxurious bouquet will impress much less than a well-spoken greeting and a small bouquet.

Always remember that flowers are a symbol of Your love, Your interest in a woman. Only real men understand that women need to present flowers not only on March 8 or Birthday. To do this, there are 365 days a year!