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Candy boxes


candy Raffaello Weight: 150 g

249 UAH

candy Evening Kiev Weight: 176 g

327 UAH

candy Lyubimov Chocolate hearts Weight: 125 g

164 UAH

candy Venetian Night Weight: 154 g

412 UAH

candy Bird's milk. Weight: 150 g

177 UAH

candy Assorted Weight: 145 g

236 UAH

candy Lyubimov Assorted basket Weight: 220 g

311 UAH

candy Ferrero Rocher Weight: 200 g

380 UAH

candy Lyubimov Gapchinskaya Weight: 100 g

111 UAH

candy Raffaello T24. Weight: 240g

386 UAH

candy Ferrero Rocher Weight: 300 g

718 UAH

A box of chocolates can be a good addition to a bouquet of flowers, especially if such a gift is for a lover of sweets. Many people consider sweets to be harmful, but chocolate contains cocoa, sugar and fats, which produce serotonin and a hormone of happiness - endorphins. The main advantage of such a sweet gift is that together with a box of chocolates you still give a person a good mood and positive emotions.

Although sweets have the property to spoil the figure, but for women they will always remain for a beautiful half of society a pleasant gift. If you come to visit your beloved with a bouquet of flowers, and as a supplement, present her with a box of chocolates, you will surely see a smile on her face. Enjoying the presents, the woman will remember you.

To make the gift look more impressive, you can decorate the original composition by placing live flowers and a box of chocolates in a gift basket. This option can be used to decorate the gift for the newlyweds.

Candy can be given not only as an addition to flowers, but also as an independent gift in the form of a sweet bouquet. This option looks more original, and not so trite. Decorated with a taste of a bouquet of candies is difficult to immediately distinguish from natural colors. Get it will be doubly nice - you can enjoy this gift longer, because it will not wither and leave pleasant memories.

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