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Baskets of roses


Basket of 35 multicolored roses

4235 UAH

Basket of 21 white roses

2789 UAH

71 red and white roses in the basket

7168 UAH

Basket of 51 roses and 14 alstromeries

7179 UAH

Basket of 31 yellow roses

3951 UAH

Basket of 125 multicolored roses

14029 UAH

Basket of 55 red roses

6145 UAH

Basket of 71 yellow roses

7914 UAH

Basket of 101 red roses

10775 UAH

Basket of 25 red imported roses

3834 UAH

Regardless of the case, the basket of roses is really a high-class gift. The basket of roses is given only to the closest people whom you want to surround with your care. Roses are beautiful in themselves, besides they have a heady aroma and a proud color. On our site you will find unique compositions of white, yellow, red, blue, burgundy, pink and multi-colored roses.

Our florists work with each client individually, so if you want to change the look of the basket with flowers or the number of colors, feel free to contact our managers and they will help you. We monitor our reputation, so when drawing up of a basket of flowers using only the freshest roses with beautiful color. At us you can order mix baskets of different roses, which look really unique. The greens in the basket only emphasize the noble beauty of these flowers.

We deliver baskets with flowers all over Ukraine, so even staying in a completely different city, you can make pleasant to your relatives.

The basket with roses can be simply decorated with greens or ribbons, can be beautifully laid out in the form of a heart. Recognition with a basket of roses will never go unnoticed. When choosing a basket of roses, you can pay attention to the meaning of colors. For example, red is a sign of love and respect, burgundy is ideal for declaration of love, yellow is the color of gratitude. The compositions of the rose collected by us will remain fresh for a long time, because inside the basket we put the sponge in water.

At a wedding or at a secular reception, basket of roses are the perfect decoration, the best gift. On a birthday, anniversary, anniversary or other important event, roses will be an ideal complement. With the help of baskets with roses you can decorate the stage, expensive salon and store. To decorate the desktop in the office or a table in the house, you can order a small basket of flowers. Such a bouquet is also suitable as a memorable gift to an employee or an important business partner.

To our clients we also offer VIP baskets of roses, which are made up of 101 and 251 roses. If necessary, we can make such a basket with the necessary number of colors. Such gifts are ordered for the most important dates, round anniversaries and weddings.

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